WHITE DOVES was blessed to have been provided with 2 free lease premises to operate ‘REHABILITATION INSTITUTIONS’ (one for women and one for men) caring and sheltering the abused, destitute and mentally challenged by providing selfless support.

Most of the inmates are from distant places, found mentally deranged, lying in public places starving and delirious. They are picked up, cleansed, medically treated and rehabilitated.

All effort is made to locate the family of the rehabilitated person and happily reunite them over a period of time.

The cases on record are numerous.
WHITE DOVES® is a Charitable Trust registered in the year 2001, a labour of love and compassion started in a humble way in the early 1990's.

The result of a personal encounter with the Lord,
Corrine Rasquinha and a few companions started visiting the local Government Hospitals, care- giving institutions and so on....

Seeing the misery, pain and deprivation of so many helpless and unwanted people - the destitute who had no place to go once they were discharged from the hospital -, shocked them.

The shocking sight of half-naked mentally challenged young girls, exploited and misused by antisocial elements, drunkards, addicts.... moved Corrine and he small band of companions to do something with determination and make a difference.

WHITE DOVES was thus conceived.
YEARS 2001-2019