With the ever rising prices of commodities every year, there are many people who find it hard to manage their household expenses.

Food items and basic essentials cannot be afforded by people living in the lower income brackets who eventually have to skip a meal to balance budgets.

White Doves, being sensitive to the pain of such people, has taken upon itself to help such people through the supply of monthly rations of rice and other provisions.

Monthly Rations are distributed to at least 18 deserving families as of now.

The handicapped and disabled are given monthly provisions: Rice, lentils/dhal, oil, sugar, milk powder, tea etc.

Ganesh, of Konchady, who lives with his aged mother is handicapped since his leg had to be amputated.
He is single and has no source of income.
White Doves came to learn about his heart-rending condition some years ago and has been supplying him rations every month as a small measure of help.

Since he lives in a dilapidated 2 room house that had no power connection, White Doves took up his case and saw to it that his home was supplied with an electricity connection.
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