Aged about 28 years, she lived outside a closed shop in Jeppu, in Mangalore City. She was famished and was only skin and bone since she had had no food for many days.

She is unaware how she reached Mangalore but recalls she has a husband and children in a place called Maddur.

She is presently happy to be a member of the White Doves Home where she helps with preparing vegetables for cooking.
She is being given psychiatric care and counselling, while we keep trying to find her family.

The question often is 'from where do our inmates originate?'

White Doves is alert and ever open to information from the city streets - wherever deprived, mentally unsound, sick, injured and abandonded human forms are sighted. The White Doves team rushes there to rescue them and bring them to the homes.

Our homes are unique where the young, old, men, women and children live as a single family.

Those found on the streets from various parts of India are taken into the homes irrespective of caste, creed, religion or physical condition.
He, in his early 70's, was found almost naked lying on the road near Padil,Mangalore.  He was lucky that no vehicle had run over him.

He seems to be from Kerala but does not have any clue where he is and from where he comes.

Today he is at the White Doves Home and tries to help out where possible although weak and aged.

SEETHARAM: aged about 30 years. He was found lying in a garbage dump in the heart of Mangalore, outside a hospital.
Though many a passerby saw this man, no one came forward to help him.
On getting information, White Doves clothed the naked man and took him to the Rehabilitaion Centre, attended to him and made him feel cared and wanted.
He is still in our rehabilitation centre and getting psychiatric treatment and care

Shobha: aged about 40 years, she hails from Shimoga. She says that she was driven out of her home by her family and she lived on the pavement in fron to f KMC Hospital, Jyothi, Mangalore.

White Doves took her into their home where she now lives a life of love, security and care while being provided with regular psychiatric support for her needs.


PASEEM: aged about 25 years and prone to fits, mentally challenged Paseem was found scavening for scraps of food in the dustbins around Hampankatta, Mangalore.

White Doves wasted no time to take him into our Home as his condition was deteriorating.

He is unaware of anything apart from his name.

APPU: is aged around 65 years. He was found dragging himself on the footpath.

Appu had a nasty worm infested wound on his leg.

Today he is  happy to have a family to care and look after him at White Doves.

PRASANNA KUMARI: aged about 19 years.

It is really sad that although people have homes and family members, the thought of abandoning a loved one, because of his/her disabilities, could ever cross a human mind.

Prasanna Kumari, emaciated, highly malnourished and who could barely stand, was abandoned by her biological father one cold rainy night at the White Doves Home gate.

On taking her in and making her a part of the White Doves family, Prasanna has blossomed into a sober young lady trying to help in cleaning and housekeeping.

RAMAPPA: aged around 40 years was lying on the footpath in the scorching heat of the sun for 3 days before a good hearted man on spotting him informed White Doves.

He was unfortunately on the point of death and was rushed to hospital where he breathed his last the next day.

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SHIVKUMAR: aged about 28 years hails from Chattisgarh and was found living at the bus stand outside the Police Commissioners Office near Nehru Maidan, Mangalore.

He is mentally disturbed and has become a part of the White Doves Home.

He does not recall his past and is given counselling when needed.

Shivkumar is a good manual worker and helps around the home.

' White Doves' has been awarded a license to run the Homes as " Psychiatric Nursing Home" by the District Administration, the only one in the area.

The present count of inmates which include male, female, young, old and infants is - 122.

The Home at Matadakani Road which has been leased out free of any charge by Mrs. Grace Dsouza houses the female inmates and the Home at Jail Road leased out free of any rent by Mr. Roystan Prabhu and Mrs. Amitha Prabhu houses the men folk.
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