More instances of Re-uniting Families shall be updated soon.

After picking these lost souls, they are cleaned, fed a hot meal, medically evaluated and wherever medication is required they are treated for their ailments
They are provided a clean bed to sleep on and are in clean surroundings. They are given all the aid to recover from their mental condition and help to lead a normal life.

Our mission is to reach them back to their homes after they have recovered.
Reuniting our inmates with their families brings the greatest satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment to the mission of White Doves.

It has been our constant endeavour to find out the family details of our inmates and try to locate their families. Most of the times these people are given up for dead or with little hope of returning home.

It is indeed a joyous moment for us when we are able to reach out and reunite the lost to their families.

As on date we have reached back and reunited 391 of our residents with their families.

October 06, 2020

White doves reunited 42-year-old Manjunath with his family after an year, on Tuesday, October 6.

Manjunath, a resident of Haveri district was missing since one year and two months. During the monsoon of 2019 Corrine Rasquinha received a call from Central Market in Mangaluru regarding a man lying on the road for the past three days. He had a foot injury and was unable to walk or stand.

Realising his plight the White Doves team wasted no time to reach the spot. The staff carried Manjunath and brought him to White Doves shelter. It was found that the wound was infested with maggots. Manjunath was then cleaned, given a bath, some food and then shifted to a ward. Within two months he fully recovered and was able to provide his home telephone number. On contacting his mother she expressed her reservation on taking him back, given that Manjunath was an alcoholic. The manager Jerald Fernandes contacted the family several times, however, they tried to dodge the matter of taking him back claiming to be financially weak or requesting for some more time.

White Doves then contacted the SP of Haveri and the concerned police station insisted the family to take Manjunath back, stating that he has been sober for over 14 months.

Infact after the morning prayers on Tuesday, Manjunath requested the manager to phone his mother so that he could ask for forgiveness. His prayer was answered as his father and older brother arrived to take him back to Haveri. Manjunath is a divorcee and has two children who are studying in high school. Eager to start a new leaf, Manjunath promised White Doves that he will abstain from drinking, respect his parents and work to take care of his children.

This is the 391st reunion at White Doves. We feel happy that our mission has been fulfilled which involves rehabilitating destitute and giving them an opportunity to start life afresh.
October 03, 2020

A 28-year-old man who went missing one and half years ago was reunited with his family from Andhra Pradesh Kodur Cuddapah on Saturday October 3. The instance was the city's well known NGO White Doves’ 390th one.

Subramanyam was found near Hotel Ocean Pearl in May 2019. He was then under White Doves’ care by its founder Corrine Rasquinha. Later, he was found mentally unsound and was treated. After one and half year, his brother Venkatesh and his wife along with his friends arrived to Mangaluru to take Subramanyam back to his hometown.

Venkatesh said, "We belong from Andhra Pradesh Kodur Cuddapah. Subramanyam was mentally unsound since several years and was getting treated. Later, he went missing. We searched every nook and corner at our place. We even filed a police complaint, but could not locate Subramanyam. We had lost hope that we would find him again. We were in shock when we received a call from White Doves that he had reached Mangaluru which is almost 1,000 km away from our native. We will always be grateful to White Doves for saving my brother and reuniting him with us after one and half years. Our mother always cried thinking about her son. When she came to know about Subramanyam who was traced in Mangaluru, she was very much delighted. She is waiting for his arrival.”

Speaking to, White Doves founder Corrine Rasquinha said, "We found Subramanyam outside Hotel Ocean Pearl. He had burnt marks and was later taken with us to get treated. As he was mentally unsound, he was very violent. He recovered later. He was speaking Telugu. Subramanyam gave the contact and some details about his family which was later traced by our manager. We are happy to say that this is the 390th time we are reuniting a lost and found member of a family.”
August 07, 2019

In November 2016, Mahesh Chand was brought to White Doves by Panambur police. He was rescued by the police after a suicide attempt and was not mentally stable. Thanks to the care by White Doves team, Mahesh has recovered and was reunited with his family on Wednesday, August 7.

The 53-year-old hails from Haldwani in Uttarakand. He belongs to a reputed family and his brother Dinesh Chand is a retired DySP, while his nephew Sanjay is a well settled businessman in Uttarakhand. He has another nephew who is an engineer in Oman. Mahesh is fluent in English.

In the year 2000, Mahesh had come to Belagavi. He was employed in a hotel. A few months later, he went back to his hometown for a knee surgery. However, due to some differences, he left home and was reported missing.

Mahesh returned to Belagavi after he left his hometown. There, he came to know that he has lost his job. Without informing anyone, Mahesh came to Mangaluru in search of a job. Distressed, he tried ending his life but was rescued in time by the Panambur police.

Meanwhile, back in Uttarakhand, Mahesh’s family tried every method to trace him. They also searched for him in Belagavi but were unable to find his whereabouts.

Speaking to, White Doves founder Corrine Rasquinha said, "Mahesh Chand has been staying with us for three years. Initially he did not want to go home and said his family will not accept him. The police told us that he was caught attempting suicide. As he showed no interest in returning to his family, we too did not insist and took care of him. He was not mentally stable and we ensured he received necessary treatment. Recently, he told us he wanted to return and gave us his details. We contacted his family members. Today, they are here to take him back.”

As Dinesh Chand is old and his nephew Sanjay met with an accident and cannot travel, Sanjay sent his family friends Shankar Joshi and Kundan Singh to Mangaluru to bring back Mahesh Chand.

Sanjay's friend Kundan Singh told media," We are elated to take him back to our hometown, as his brother and nephew could not be here. So we are taking him back in the early morning flight tomorrow. He was missing since last three years. The family members tried their best to trace him. We even went to Belagavi to trace him but he was not there. At last White Doves contacted us and told that Mahesh Chand was with them. So we are here to take him back.”
July 28, 2019

A sentimental and emotional story comes along where Kusuma, who was found in a mentally unsound position twelve years back and was rehabilitated at White Doves, has finally reunited with her family on Sunday, July 28, 2019. This is the 387th case of a person reuniting with the family through White Doves under the leadership of Corrine Rasquinha.

Kusuma’s family arrived from Marripalem, Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh to Mangaluru on Saturday midnight and took Kusuma along with them on Sunday..

In the year 2009, Kusuma was found by the Pandeshwar police roaming around the city in a man’s attire and when she was only 21-years-old. Kusuma was found in a lungi, an unclean shirt and in an unstable state of mind. Police officials immediately contacted White Doves after learning Kusuma’s condition. Upon hearing the news Corrine Rasquinha, along with her staff, reached the spot as informed by the police and took Kusuma to a rehabilitation center. She was given a bath and for further medical treatment, sent to KMC hospital at Attavar. Over the next few days, Kusuma recovered quite well, but stayed silent most of the time. However, with the passage of time, she indulged in conversation with medical professionals around her and revealed her name to be Kusuma.

About three weeks back when the 386th reunification was taking place at White Doves, Kusuma expressed her desire to go home. Unfortunately, she could not recall her past; she repeatedly approached the founder of White Doves and requested to be sent home. On revealing her native place being in Andhra Pradesh, Jerald Fernandes, the manager of White Doves tried to find her roots which were to be found in Kothapalem, Krishna district and he was successful in contacting the Police Sub Inspector of the town Kusuma belonged to.

As per information provided by Jerald, the Police inspector contacted the village head who got in touch with Gudivaka Seshubabu, the village Revenue officer of Avanigadda village in Krishna District. While Jerald was contacting the police in Andhra, Kusuma asked him to refer her as Sivaleela to them and stated that it was the name people of her village knew her by.

In an police inquiry it was found that, 15 years back Kusuma lost her parents to HIV. She grew up with four sisters, and after the death of her parents she took over the responsibility of providing for her sisters education and getting them married. The stress of the responsibilities taken up by her at a very young teen age damaged her mentally causing to her to run away from her home. On several occasions her family used to find her sauntering around nearby villages, they used to bring her back home every time she ran away. In 2009, it went downhill as Kusuma ran further away from her village, making it difficult for her family to find her. The family lost hope after not hearing from her for several months.

On Jul 28, everything changed after the family came to know of her whereabouts, Kusuma reunited with her cousin brothers after ages. It was an emotional union and when both Kusuma her and brothers met after several years. After spending some time talking with her, Kusuma's brothers thanked White Doves for keeping her healthy and happy. By Sunday noon the family will be on their way back to their home.
July 08, 2019

Years back Basvaraj (45) left his hometown Challekere, Chitradurga without any reason and started to roam on the streets. His family members lodged a missing complaint with the local police station and kept searching for him continuously. At the time of filing the case, they also informed the police that he is mentally sick. After many months of wait they could not trace him. Basvaraj also did not return home.

It is learnt that Basvaraj roamed all around Karnataka and reached Balmatta Road in the city. On spotting the helpless man, who was mentally disturbed and also polio-stricken, the manager Jerald Fernandes immediately informed White Doves, a leading NGO of the city, which always comes to the help of destitute. Once the information was received, Corrine Rasquinha, the founder of the White Doves, rushed to the spot and picked up the man who was in a shabby and filthy state.

After taking him to the White Doves Psychiatric Nursing and Destitute Home, he was bathed, fed and given a bed to sleep and in the following days was counselled. Day by day he started to respond to the medicines and treatment and recovered from his mental issues.

Once the details of his hometown were obtained, White Doves contacted his family and they were happy to know that Baswaraj was alive in Mangaluru. On Monday morning, July 8, 2019, his brother-in-law and elder brother visited White Doves and took Basvaraj back to their hometown in Challekere Taluk of Chitradurga district.

“We almost lost hope in seeing Basvaraj alive. But White Doves saved him in the form of God. The institution not only gave shelter to him but also treated him and converted him back as a normal man. We will never forget the administration and staff of White Doves because they gave back our brother to us,” said an emotional brother-in-law of Baswaraj.
April 08, 2019

Six years back M D Hasib, a resident of Bihar thought his mother Zarina Kathur who had mental imbalance was lost permanently. After filing a missing complaint, he waited for her. But after some months, he lost hopes of seeing his mother again as police could not trace her.

It was on August 17, 2016 when Bunder North police found Zarina wandering aimlessly with no clear details about who she was. The efforts of the police to find her identity also went in vain. Hence, they decided to keep Zarina at a safe place and she was brought straight to White Doves home. At the shelter, she was showered with love and care for two and a half years. She was medically treated for her mental imbalance.

Three months back Zarina started crying everyday and begged the founder and president of White Doves, Corrine Rasquinha, to do her a favor and drop her to sister-in-law’s house which she imagined was close by. She was clear about her home town. It was only on Friday, April 5 that the manager of White Doves, Jerald Fernandes, got some details from Zarina. She mentioned about a Maulavi named Abdul of Gangapur Madarasa. Jerald got the phone number of the superintendent of police of Katihar district, Bihar from the internet. The SP gave the contact number of Anjaj Aman, sub-inspector of Balrampur station. Zarina's details were shared with both the SPs and the sub-inspector.

As part of the investigation, Bihar police contacted the Maulavi and got in touch with her son in Bihar. He contacted his brother working in Kolar under a contractor.

The quick action was taken within a couple of hours. White Doves received a call from one of the 5 sons of Zarina from Bihar. He further sent the copy of the Aadhaar card to confirm that this was the same lady who was missing from Bihar since 6 years.

On Sunday April 7, it was an emotional morning as the mother and son were re-united at White Doves. There were tears of joy and Zarina was extremely grateful to Corrine Rasquinha and manager Jerald Fernandes for reuniting her with her family. She thanked White Doves profusely for sheltering her and promised that she would never go missing.

"For the first time I am traveling to South India. If my mother travelled to any other cities, I would have lost her permanently. Only Mangaluru saved her. I thank White Doves, Mangaluru police and entire community of Mangaluru for taking care of my mother and showering love on her,” said Zarina’s son.

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